Who owns econolodge?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Choice Hotels

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Q: Who owns econolodge?
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What cities are Econolodge located in?

Econolodge motels are located in numerous cities across the United States. They are primarily located in larger cities and in most tourist cities.

What company owns the Econolodge hotels?

Econo Lodge is a stand-alone company as of year two thousand and six (2006). It has served millions of Americans for the short span of time and has been one of the most-liked hotels over the country.

What hotel do the Rangers stay at when playing in Philadelphia?

EconoLodge near Times Square

Which are the most affordable hotels at LAX airport?

The most affordable Hotels at the Los Angeles, California airport or LAX are hotels such as Econolodge and Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn express. Happy hunting!

Are there any temporary apartments in Las Vegas, NV?

Yes, there are. Residence Inn Henderson/Green Valley, Econolodge, and Staybridge Suites are three such places. Additionally, you may be able to find temporary apartments on

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