Who owns capital FM?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sadly I can't tell you the person that owns but for now I can tell you Global radio owns it and was owned on 16th October 1973.

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Q: Who owns capital FM?
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How many seats in the capital FM arena?

The Capital FM Arena in Nottingham has a capacity of 10,000.

Will Trent FM be changed to capital FM?

Yes it changed recently.

Where is the Capital FM radio station based?

Capital FM is a common name for radio stations based around the world in Europe and Canada. However, the biggest base of Capital FM radio is based in the United Kingdom.

What to do in the car?

Listen to capital FM

When was Capital FM Arena Nottingham opened?

Capital FM Arena Nottingham is an indoor arena in United Kingdom and was opened on 2000.

What year did galaxy FM change their name to capital FM?

3rd January 2011

Why did galaxy change to capital FM?

Because they can and did!

How much does it cost to advertise on capital FM?


What actors and actresses appeared in 95.8 Capital FM Christmas Live - 2002?

The cast of 95.8 Capital FM Christmas Live - 2002 includes: Atomic Kitten as Themselves

What is The number of radio station in UK?

95.8 capital FM

Is galaxy still a radio staiton?

it is now known as Capital FM.

How much does it cost to text capital FM?

About 20-30 pence.