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Paul Frees "Eres Tu" was originally done by the Spanish group Mocedades in 1973, and it has been covered many times since.

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Q: Who originally sang the song eres tu?
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Did ABBA do a song called eres tu It means it is you or that's you and it was by an group who sang American songs back in the early 70s i believe. I am hispanic and know speeling is correct?

'Eres Tu (touch the wind)' was performed by Mocedades who came from Bilbao and sang 'Eres Tu' as the Spanish entry in the 1973 Eurovision Song Competition.

Did ABBA sing Eres-tu?

Yes. When I was a child we have an album of Abba. It is in that album that I first heard this song Eres tu. I love the song and I memorized it. I was able to use it to pass my Spanish class in College. Our professor asked us to sing this song. I gladly sang it in class. Those were the days.

What is the 1974 song ending in Tu?

The song is titled "Eres Tu" ("You Are"), and was a hit for the Spanish group Mocedades.

Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'Eres tu'?

Lyrics for the song Eres Tu by Mocedades can be found on YouTube. They can also be found on lyrics websites such as Oldies Lyrics, Metro Lyrics and A to Z Lyrics.

Who sang the song don't mess with my tu-tu?

Fats Domino

What does tu eres cocina mean?

Tu eres cocina

What is the chavacano translation of 'you are 'and you hate you?

you are and you hate youtu eres y no tu gusta contigo?tu eres y tu desgusta contigo?you are and you hate me.tu eres y no tu gusta conmigo?tu eres y tu desgusta conmigo?

What does Tu eres mi mundo mean in English?

"Tu eres mi mundo" in English means "You are my world."

What does loca tu eres mean?

loca tu eres means 'You're crazy'

What does tu eres gordo mean?

"Tu eres gordo" means "you are fat" in Spanish.

When was Tu Eres Mi Luz created?

Tu Eres Mi Luz was created in 2004.

When was Mi Vida Eres Tu created?

Mi Vida Eres Tu was created in 2006.