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Phantom Planet.

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Q: Who originally sang the song California which was the theme for the oc?
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Is the song 'shake it up' originally sang by Selena Gomez?

Yes, the theme song called "Shake It Up" that is used for the theme song for the show "Shake It Up" is originally sung by Selena Gomez.

Who originally sang the song California Love?

California Love was originally song by 2Pac. This song features Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman. Parts of this song were taken from Joe Crocker's song woman to woman.

Who sang Pokemon theme song?

Bill Crawford sang the movie version of the Pokemon theme song. Jason Paige sang the television version of the Pokemon theme song.

James Bond second film and who sang the theme song?

Matt Munroe sang the theme song to From Russia with Love.

Who sang Chyna's theme song?

Chyna sang it herself.

Who sings Jeff Jarrett's Theme?

He sang his WWE Song BE MY BABY TONIGHT! HE NEVER SANG HIS THEME SONG! His TNA theme is sung by Dale Oliver.

Who originally sang Hey I'm screaming at you Mitchel Musso's song?

I believe the song was originally sang by a band with the name of Gillmor

Who originally sang you Will Be you Leland Grant or Ashley Tisdale?

THE SONG IS "I WILL BE ME" but i dont know who originally sang it

Who sings with Marlena Shaw in the Dockers California soul song?

Marlena Shaw sang solo in the Dockers khaki commercial. The song "California Soul" was originally recorded by The Fifth Dimension.

Who sang All That's theme song?

The theme song for All That was performed by TLC.

Who sang the Wagon Train theme on television series theme?

It was Johnny O'Neill that sang the Wagon Train Theme Song.

Who sang the theme song for Dr. no?