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His girlfriend is Reniece Daniels

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Q: Who married Visanthe Shiancoe?
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How tall is Visanthe Shiancoe?

Visanthe Shiancoe is 6' 4".

When was Visanthe Shiancoe born?

Visanthe Shiancoe was born on June 18, 1980, in Laurel, Maryland, USA.

What is minnesota's tight end visanthe shiancoe's salary?

400,000 USD (2012)

Who should i start as my tight end on my fantasy team for week 3 Visanthe Shiancoe or Greg Olsen?

I would start Olsen

Who are some sleeper 2008 fantasy football Tight Ends?

Visanthe Shiancoe, TE MIN Alge Crumpler, TE, TEN LJ Smith TE, PHL

What movie and television projects has Visanthe Shiancoe been in?

Visanthe Shiancoe has: Played Himself - Minnesota Vikings Tight End in "NFL Monday Night Football" in 1970. Played Himself - Minnesota Vikings Tight End in "Rome Is Burning" in 2003. Played himself in "Rome Is Burning" in 2003. Played Himself - Telephone Interviewee in "Mike and Mike in the Morning" in 2005. Played Himself - New York Giants Tight End in "NBC Sunday Night Football" in 2006. Played himself in "Minute to Win It" in 2010.

Should you trade either Tony Gonzalez or Visanthe Shiancoe for Ed Dickson Baltimore Ravens in a fantasy football league?

I would go with trading Shiancoe, Gonzalez can still put up some decent fantasy points with Ryan. Mcnabb is a more seasoned qb and tends to rely less on his TE. Should be a good trade if your in a keeper league, Dickson should develop more and more into a redzone threat similar to when Heap was there.

Who wore number 82 for the New York Giants from 2000 to 2008?

2000-2001: Thabiti Davis2002: Herman Moore2003-2006: Visanthe Shiancoe2007: not used2008: Mario Manningham

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