Who makes more money in Wwe?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Yes. WWE contracts are topped up by other such factors as MErchandise sales, private bookings, meet and greets. As a WWE champion, you are the top man in that company at that time, the person who has the biggest matches and who is there to make the most money. The pay offs equal that. Mick Foley in his autobiographies talks about htis in some detail, mentioning how he was unhappy that Marc MEro was earning so much more than he was and he was having better matches. Mick details how higher basic contracts were determined by role in the company and reliability and dedication to the company, at this particular time, Marc Mero was considered more dedicated to WWE. Shortly after, Mick took his concerns to Vince and said that he wasn't happy with pay offs from his PPV outings, and shortly after his ppv pay offs increased to more suitably match his status and match quality. Essentially this is the case: If your WWE champion, you are main card status, you shift a lot of merchandise, you have consistently good matches and always entertain the fans. For that you get a higer base contract. On top of that, as you are a top draw you are a top draw and shifting more merchandise, you get more money based on those sales. After that you get PPV payoffs. The payoffs scale depending on quality and importance of the match. A wwe title match will always have a big pay off for a ppv, the amount depends on just how good the match was, and what they buy rates were for said ppv. On top of that you have personal appearences, autograph signings etc. A lot of these are included in basic wwe contracts, but many also come with a pay off. Specific requests for superstars often come with a price of which the superstar in question gets a %. Again the bigger the star, the more the price. Then of course is other TV, magazine, radio appearences, and otehr media appearences, they all pay out as well. Basically, top draws get the biggest bucks, and whoever is champ at the time gets a bit more form being champ. But tbh, the main card players all get high pay anyway, its just that the guy who is champ gets more offers and has more to do with pay offs being the face of the brand.

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It dependz on how much fanz does a superstar have.

Like John Cena and Randy Orton.

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john cena

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Q: Who makes more money in Wwe?
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