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Around $25.

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Q: How much money will you get for WWE 12 on xbox360?
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How much is WWE 12 for xbox360?

About $29.99

What systems are WWE 12 for?

the game is only for the xbox360, ps3, and wii.

What is the oldest WWE game?

the best wwe game is either wwe 12 on xbox360 or wwe here comes the pain 2006

How do you do submition moves in WWE 12 xbox360?

By holding the grapple button when your opponent is either floored, groggy or you're holding them.

How many money is WWE 12?


How much is WWE 12 for ps2 cost at gamestop?

WWE 12 is not for PS2

Do they have WWE 12 superstar threads on wii?

no it's only available on ps3 and xbox360 it should be though

Will the new game wwe 12 be on PlayStation 2?

no it won't be for playstation 2. i don't even think it will be on the psp. i believe its only for xbox360, ps3, and wii.

When does WWE 12 come out and how much will it cost?

about 40 quid

How much does WWE 12 cost on xbox 360?


How much does the WWE '12 video game cost?


How much does WWE's the Miz weigh?

in wwe 12 it said 10 thousand and 32 pounds???but its 105 kg