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Though there are a number of contenders for making the 1st ever Movie which includes legends like Thomas Alva Edison who had created the Kinetoscope in 1895 and the Lumiere Bros who in 1895 has been credited of making the 1st movie camera and film. In reality the 1st to make a film was by a photographic pioneer named Eadweard Muybridge who in 1878made "The Horse in Motion" which was a series of Stereographic images of a galloping horse.

* A Brief similar video can be seen on You Tube under the heading "First Movie Ever Made"

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The Story of the Kelly Gang. The first feature film ever made
was The Story of the Kelly Gang, an Australian film based on the infamous Ned

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Q: Who made the first movie ever?
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story of kelly gang

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well i think the first movie is The Horse in Motion. It was filmed in 1878 i hoped i helped you

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