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what are the lyrics to you made a believer out of me in the movie happily ever after

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Q: What are the lyrics to you made a believer out of me in the movie happily ever after?
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What was the Snow White movie with girl dwarves?

Happily Ever After

What is one of the conflicts that took place in the movie freedom writers?

they all lived happily ever after

What happened to Shrek?

He and Princess Fiona lived happily ever after (at least until the next movie)

What is the end of the movie Snow White?

The prince kisses her and she wakes up, an they live happily ever after.

What was the name of the movie with Snow White and the seven female dwarfets?

Happily Ever After Released in 1993, its not by Disney

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A guy name Rick :)

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They DID live happily ever after

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Happily, as in they lived happily ever after

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its when the boat sank and they cant enjoy their dream,,, the happily ever after dream of jack and rose

What are the ratings and certificates for Happily Ever After - 2014?

Happily Ever After - 2014 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

Where Helen and menelaus returned to and lived happily ever after?

Yes, they were some of the only couples who did live happily ever after.

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The French actor and director Yvan Attal directed "Happily Ever After". This movie was released in 2004. Some of his other works are "My Wife Is An Actress" release in 2001 and "New York, I Love You" released in 2008.

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