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pein was never the leader of the akatsuki, Tobi was. Tobi ordered him around.


its MADARA UCHIHA not marada

do u think its wierd if a girl likes naruto

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Q: Who leads the akatsuki after pein dies?
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Who dies in the akatsuki?


Are Pein and Konan partners in the Akatsuki?

Yes, they are partners in the Akatsuki.

Is konan pein's girlfriend?

Nope. Konan is Pein's partner in the Akatsuki.

Who would win in a fight arrancar vs akatsuki?

oh that's easy... the akatsuki (srry bleach fans)akatsuki will kill they have itachi pein many types of pein

Why did yonaime join the akatsuki?

The Yondaime did not join the Akatsuki, he is dead. He is also not Pein.

Who is Pein Akatsuki?

pain akatsuki is the student of jeraiya who kill hem he is the strongest ninja

Where is the akatsuki leader?

Pein, is the leader of Akatsuki, but Tobi (Madara Uchiha) hides in the shadows and is the one who really controls the Akatsuki. Pein is basically the leader for show, but takes orders from Tobi. No one except few, like Itachi, Konan, Kisame, and Pein, know that Tobi is really Madara. Hope it helps!- NarutoFan2000

Who is controlling pein?

Nagato controls the pains, he is also the founder of the akatsuki.

Who is the leader of akatsuki in naruto?

Pein is, but he gets orders from Madara Uchiha.

What happens to the akatsuki after pein turns good?

Tobi takes over

Are all the akatsuki boys?

No, there is 1 girl, Konan. I dont know about her powers, but i do know that she is Pein`s partner in Akatsuki.

Who is the founder of akatsuki?

Konan claims that Yahiko created Akatsuki, but Tobi claims he helped