What is pein last name?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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he is from the rain village and he grew up with konan and yahiko.peins parents died,some leaf villagers killed them and then pein used his rinnegan and they died and now he is an akatsuki with konan.HE IS THE LEADER OF AKATSUKI

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i guess its uzumaki cuz he is narutos moms brother

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Q: What is pein last name?
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Is konan in love with pein?

I heard that Konan and Pein make a great couple, but in Naruto Shippuden, Pein dies without Konan saying she liked Pein, there is no proof.

Is kushina pein friend?


Does Pein die?

Yes, Nagato (Pein), does die, but on his own. Naruto masters Sage Techniques, and is now able to go into Sage Mode. However, he mastered it better than Jiraya, and can do it without and major charges to his body. Using Sage Mode, he defeats Pein's six bodies, and searches for the real Pein. When he finds him, he chooses to go by Jiraya's teachings, and let Pein survive. Pein tells Naruto his story about why he is in so much pain, and Naruto still goes by Jiraya's teachings. Pein is touched by this, and gives life back to everyone who died in Konoha. Then, Pein dies because of the condition of his body. As a result, Konan quits the Akatsuki.Yes, Pein does die. Personally i found it sad, because his last words were to Naruto. And he didn't finish his sentence:"Naruto... this... is what you must face... The book... and you... It's like... someone... set this all up... Or... maybe... this... is... the hand of the real god... My role is over now... Naruto... you... can really--"After his death Konan encases Nagato (Pein) and Yahiko's (the Deva path) bodies in paper and takes them back to Amegakure to be buried. She pledges Amegakure's allegiance to Naruto on behalf of Nagato, giving him a bouquet of origami flowers as a memento.

Does Toad Sage die in Naruto or Shippuden?

Jiraiya dies from his old student Pein in Shippuden, shortly after sending a message to Konoha resulting in the defeat of Pein by Jiraiya's other student, Naruto.

How does pervy sage die?

yes he dies because of his student (pein) who broke his sensei throat and let him drown

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What is pein's real name?

Pein's real name is Uzumaki Nagato. Unless you mean the Deva Path (the one that can push and pull things) then his name was Yahiko.

Is there any relation between Naruto and pein the akatsuki leader?

There are also rumors that Naruto is Pein's nephew. It could be true that Pein and Kushina Uzumaki are siblings but Pein's original name was Nagato before it was changed because of his past sufferings.

What formality does Konan use after Pein's name?


How did Nagato give Pein the rinnegan?

Nagato is Pein, so if he was Pein, then Pein would already have the Rinnegan.

Is pein Naruto's uncle?

*SLAP* Pein is not related to naruto IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, Pein is not yodaime, Nor is he in anyway related to naruto. Naruto is the son of Yodaime and (I dont know her name but i know she has red hair).

Who is Pein's partner?

Konan is Pein's partner.

What is the real name of the 4th Hokage on Naruto?

Minato Namikaze is the fourth Hokage and also the Father of Naruto yah and just to be clear minato is not pein and pein is not minato

Wh is pein?

Pein is not a word in the English language. However, Pein is the leader of Amekagure in the anime of Naruto.

What is the fullname of pein?

Pein's fullname is never revealed. Pein is really Nagato, and just an alias that was created.

Will Neji fight pein?

No Neji does not fight pein.

How did pein get rinnegan?

Nagato give pein the rinnegan

Who is taller Pein or Itachi?

Pein is taller but not by much.