Is kushina pein friend

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is kushina pein friend
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Is pein kushina Uzumaki?

pein is not kushina uzumaki. kushina uzumaki is the mother of Naruto uzumaki and the former 9-tailes host

Is there any relation between Naruto and pein the akatsuki leader?

There are also rumors that Naruto is Pein's nephew. It could be true that Pein and Kushina Uzumaki are siblings but Pein's original name was Nagato before it was changed because of his past sufferings.

Pein in Naruto?

Pein is the cover Akastuki leader. Tobi A.K.A Madara Uchiha is the actual Akastuki leader. Pein isn't the real leader. Pein's friend Nagato died when they were teenagers and he took in Nagato's Rinnegan (like sharingan or byakugan) and Konan and Pein met Madara and that's when they formed Akastuki. By the way Konan is Pein's other friend. They met after Pein's parents were killed right in front of his eyes and he took his dog away from the house the parents were killed at and was stuck in rain hungry. So Konan fed the two bread and that's how they became friends too.

How jiraiya train pein?

pein was known as nagato then.He had one unknown friend he has another friend callad konan they eventually met jiriaya who taught them ninjitsu teaching them every thing he knows nagato also learned the rinnegan his "unknown friend" name was yahiko

Is Naruto and pein brothers?

No. They arent related whatsoever. ^ this person needs to do some studying It is highly possible for one they look alike but that could mean nothing, for two Naruto's mother Kushina Uzamaki was not from Konoha. However they would not be brothers, cousins maybe. Because we see the death of Pein's parents. and if they were brothers, naruto would have never been born as pein is years o;der then naruto, also we know how naruto's father died, being the 4th Hokage.

How did Nagato give Pein the rinnegan?

Nagato is Pein, so if he was Pein, then Pein would already have the Rinnegan.

What is Naruto's mother's name?

she is a human being.her name is kushina.

What kunoichi is a parallel to Kushina?

Well kushina is a kunoichi, so that's a little confusing. If you are asking what other kunoichi is like Kushina then it would probably be Sakura.

Is Naruto pein brother?

although the person below me argues a good point, the answer is no. The picture of pein that he's talkign about is only one of his bodies, which was actually his friends when he died. pein didn't look anything like naruto when he was a child. watch the jiraya chronicles :) -Trevor Thompson, AZ well the answer is....................................maybe. Me and my friends saw this pic of naruto's, 4rth hokage's [naruto father] and pein's heads . THey all had a lot of similarities and the only thing we wondered about is pein's skin color and hair colour. So we looked at Kushina Uzumaki [naruto's mommy] and saw her skin and hair color was the same as pein. also, in the manga it looks like narutos father is about the same age as pein BUT when u see him [volume 1] he is in his 20s and naruto is 1 year old. And the first time u see pain is 14 years [or more] later. So there are not the same age. but they might not be brothers because jiraiya trained pein and konan and would have told in the manga that pein as a kid [i cant remem the name] would be 4rth hokages son. pein comes from a entirely different land which is on the borderlands of the land of fire also pain tells naruto that he watch his own parents die plus the pein that this guy saw was only one of the six paths which is not the real pein only puppets the real answer is yes because if you see naruto mom pein has the same hair color skin colour and if you noticed that when minato was about 15 he was really acting the same as pein so pein is not naruto brothers but naruto does have a brother not pein but narutos real brother is yahiko Haha, wow. Lots of good reasoning. But the recent manga chapters show that Nagato is at best a distant reletive of Naruto's, not his brother. Nagato is actually a few years older than Minato, Naruto's father, which makes it quite impossible for Minato to be Nagato's father also, making it impossible to be Naruto's brother.. Nagato is a decendant of the Uzumaki clan, which can account for the similaraties between Kushina and Nagato, clans tend to look alike. They show Nagato's parents when he tells of their death, and it is clearly not Kushina and Minato. =]

Who is Pein's partner?

Konan is Pein's partner.

Where is kushina?

She is dead

What is the fullname of pein?

Pein's fullname is never revealed. Pein is really Nagato, and just an alias that was created.