Who killed sesshomaru?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No one! Sesshomaru is too Powerful to Kill!!!

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Q: Who killed sesshomaru?
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Did Sesshomaru name Rin?

No he didn't name her. Before Sesshomaru found Rin, she had a family, but they were killed by a band of thieves. When Sesshomaru found her, she was dead, but he brought her back to life :)

Is Sesshomaru real?

*Sigh* Sesshomaru is NOT real.

What is Sesshomaru's greatest desire?

sesshomaru greatest desire is rin

What is sesshomaru in kanji?

sesshomaru in kanji is 殺生丸

What is Sesshomaru's father's name?

Inutaisho is the name of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father

Would sesshomaru have kids?

Answers:1. Naraku didn't kill Kagura. In movie 2, Inuyasha killed Naraku and this lady put a spell on Kagura and Kanna and she sunk them into the water. 2. Umm.... Kagura's dead.Naraku killed her. Sesshomaru couldn't save her with Tenseiga, thus, she died.3. That's not it either, Kagura doesn't die, because in Kanketsu-hen she's still alive.Either way, the possibility of Kagura x Sesshomaru is like... 0.0000001%. Plus, no, they won't have kids.

Who is Shuuran from Inuyasha?

Shuuran is one of the four panther demons who is killed by his master when trying to bring him back to life then after that sesshomaru brings him back to life with the tenseiga

In which chapter of the Inuyasha Manga does Sesshomaru first meet Rin?

when Inuyasha first uses the wind scar successfully on Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru is warped by tensaiga to a forest where he meets Rin for the first time.

What is the name of Inuyasha's brother?

Sesshomaru (Se-sho-ma-ru)

Did sesshomaru see kagome naked?

No, because kagome is not in love with sesshomaru she is in love with seeshomaru's younger brother inuyasha. Sesshomaru does not even like kagome. Inuyasha LOVES kagome. You can just tell. Course not. Sesshomaru doesn't even like Kagome.

Will inuyasha beat sesshomaru?

No, InuYasha does not beat sesshomaru and netheir does Sesshomaru beat InuYasha. In the end they dont really like each other more,but I dont think they hate each other more either.

Who plays sesshomaru?

I only know of two actors who voiced Sesshomaru: David Kaye (English) and Ken Narita (Japanese).