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yes sesshomaru and rin will be in the new moon cave

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Q: Is sesshomaru and rin in inuyasha secret of the divine jewel ds game?
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Where can you buy potato chips in inuyasha secret of the divine jewel?

Try visiting all the villages they have items like potato chips, you may also be able to find them by defeating various enemies too. You can even buy stuffat the check point on your way to Sakata Village too.

In secret of the divine jewel how do you find monk sen to fight him?

monk sens at tempest tower spoiler alert monk sen is tsgumi

What episode of Inuyasha does Inuyasha and sesshomaru fight?

You should be more specific -- he gets hurt a lot. But grievously hurt? Well, eppy 19, Sesshomaru shoves his hand through Inuyasha's chest: Go Home to your own time, kagome! The Deadly Trap of Kagura, The Wind Sorceress: Koga hurts inuyasha, and he passes out. In The Wind Scar Fails, Inuyasha gets his wind scar thrust back at him by Kanna and Kagura. The one right after it, Tetsusaiga Breaks, is good, too -- he's already hurt and fights a powerful incarnation of Naraku. There's a spray of Inuyasha's blood in that one. *devilish grin* And he turns into a demon! Inuyasha's Soul, Devoured, and The Demon's True Nature are pretty good; he gets trapped in a poisonous cocoon, with poison already in his system. And Sesshomaru gets in a few good whacks. Fateful Night in Togenkyo Parts 1 and 2 have a black-haired Inuyasha getting hurt. The ones in between here I don't know so well. But I don't think they're as juicy as some of the ones I am listing. In Vanished in a River of Flames, it seems for awhile like he dies... but that's brief and he's not actually hurt. In Divine Malice of the Saint, and Fare Thee Well - Jakotsu's Requiem, he fights Jakotsu as a mortal. That's pretty bloody. In Destroy Naraku w/ Adamant Barrage, Inuyasha fights Hosenki and gets cut up with adamant. In Possessed by a Parasite: Shippo, Our Worst Enemy, Inuyasha gets a faceful of set beads, and he feels terrible. That one is not very noteworthy, but I included it anyway. In the final episode, a black jewel shard takes him over. He's not actually injured there, but if you're like me, you like the eppies where he turns into a demon. That oughta do it. Those are the ones in which Inuyasha gets really hurt.

How do you find the 5 seals in inuyasha secret of the divine jewel?

All I can tell you is make sure you lv. up Inuyasha, Kagome, and Janis (there the only ones that can go to Kagome and Janis's time), and search very carefully for all 5 seals on the shrine. I have the game and I finished it in a Month's time but I don't feel like restarting the game over again. (Trust me I played the game for a whole month until I finished and I really don't want to have to go through all again).

In what episode does naraku die?

The manga for InuYasha finished in a series called "Inuyasha: The Final Act". In this Naraku does indeed die, as the story finishes out the manga series. He finally dies after InuYasha and his group, along with Sesshomaru, combine their powers and destroy him.

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Is kikyo in inuyasha secret of the divine jewel?

yes she is

Where can you buy Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel?

game stop okay ^-^

Is there an inuyasha game for the ds coming out?

There is an inuyasha game for the ds called "INUYAHSA: Secrets of the Divine Jewel"

Who are all the characters in inuyasha secret of the divine jewel?

all the characters in InuYasha are Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku,Sango, Shippo,Kirara,Kikyo,Seshomaru,Jaken,Rin,Naraku and Kagura,Kana,Hakodoshi, and wll that's it i gues or i think

Are there action replay codes for Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel?

yes. only one though: Game ID: AIYE-BDF15C94 Max/Infinite Cash 020c4ab0 000f423f Source: Codejunkies US Page:

How do you clear the Lake Shore Path level in Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel without dying?

attack with th windscar and use moves that will kill more with one swip

How do you save in inuyasha the Divine Jewel?

You have to go on the map, then u hit start on the ds, then click save.

Which amulet in inuyasha secret of the divine jewel lowers encounter rate?

i believe its the Sizuka amulet actually i know for a fact it makes the game much easier what i wanna know is what do the other amulets do like the Kiyome amulet

In InuYasha secret of the Divine Jewel when does the door opens of Datara's Shrine?

Well it opens when you beat the two gods that protect his shrine Sugaki and i forgot the other one in the shrine north west of his shrine then you go to the water fall west of there

How do you defeat sara in inuyasha and the divine jewel?

Ah, I have that game. Okay, in order to defeat sara in inuyasha and the divine jewel, you have to try have a little bit level up with everyone, once you get there and have a battle with Sara, first defeat sara using wind scar and use the blackwash wind and try to defeat sara and then you can defeat all the demon once sara is gone in the battle.

Why doesnt kagomea give inuyasha the jewel shards?

because kagome wants inuyasha to stay a half-demon because kagome is scared inuyasha will not remember her if he becomes a demon by using the sacred jewel.

Where is kagome in milkage marsh on inuyasha secret of the divine jewel?

after you start walking just keep going then after a while you will see sango and mirku. then they will turn and walk away from you. the direction that they went after they finished talking to you ju8st follow them n sooner or later you will see shippo and kagome.