Who killed Nagato?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no one kills nagato

he dies cz he uses 2 much chakra or something when he uses his ninjutsu that brings the dead back to life.

ps: there is no human, animal or a plant that can bring anything or anyone to life!

this is a stupid ending.

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Q: Who killed Nagato?
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What is Nagato' s last name?

Nagato in naruto is pein.Nagato became pein in the 2nd great ninja war.Jiraiya took him,yahiko,and konan as his students.Now nagato is the akatsuki member known as pein.Pein is not the lleader of the akatsuki though.

What happened to yahiko in Naruto?

Yahiko killed himself of the kunai of Nagato, when Hanzo the Salamander ordered Nagato to kill Yahiko or he would kill Konan who he had captured because he believed they were getting to powerful and will threaten his ruling. Nagato went on to use Yahiko's body for the Deva Path of his Six Paths of Pain, whom Naruto was able to defeat when he returned to the Leaf-Village when it was under-attack by Nagato and his Pains. Later Konan takes his body along with Nagatos back to the Village Hidden in Rain where she became the new leader.

How come Shizune is alive you thought pain killed her?

Shizune is alive because after Naruto convinced Nagato to stop attacking or whatever, Nagato used one of the last powers of the Sage of Six Paths to bring everyone back!

Does Kakashi sensei die?

Hatake Kakashi does die fighting pain. But after Naruto defeats all of the bodies of Nagato (who is the actual person controlling the six other bodies) and Naruto goes to talk to Nagato. After they talk and Naruto hears Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko's story, he gives Nagato his answer to finding peace. Nagato is changed and uses his last bit of energy to bring back to life everyone that was killed in the attack on Konoha. That includes Kakashi! So Kakashi is brought back to life. it is in naruto shipudden episode 159!!!

Why did Nagato become evil?

He didn't follow him, but rather Madara/Tobi says he controlled Nagato to see the scroll that the six paths sage created (Read chapter 467) and says that the sharingan, mangekyo sharingan and rinnegan are needed to fully understand the whole tablet.

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Who is Pain Nagato or Yahiko?

No, Naruto doesn't kill Nagato. Nagato gives his life in the process of reviving people he has killed.

Who dies in naruto Shippuden and how?

Kakashi -Killed by Pain(Nagato) Hinata -Killed by Pain(Nagato) Garaiya -Killed by Pain(Nagato) Asuma -Killed by Hidan Orochimaru-Killed by Sasuke Sasori -Killed by Sakura/Lady Chiyo Danzo -Killed by Sasuke Pain(Nagato)-Used an Ultimae Justu to revive everyone killed by him at the cost of his own life. Please reommend me for putting so many in also wall me if you think I should become a supervisor...

Who killed Jiraya?

Jiraya was killed by pain, essentially by Nagato. Nagato controls the pain, or pein, bodies. When Jiraya went to investigate pein, he was confronted with the bodies, and died from injuries they inflicted on him, just after he discovered who the pein "Master" was.

What happened to jaraiya?

Pein (Nagato) killed him.

Who killed pien?

Pein, more commonly known as Pain in North America, was indirectly killed by Naruto. Naruto destroyed all six Pain bodies, and sought out the "Pain master" (controller of the bodies), Nagato. Naruto convinced Nagato that Nagato's answer to finding peace was not destruction; Nagato believed that Naruto would find the answer to peace, and returned all the lives that the Pain bodies took from Konoha, at the cost of Nagato's life.

Does Naruto kill pains creator?

No. The "Pain creator " that you're actually talking is Nagato. He died to revive the Konoha citizens killed during his attack. It was the strain of using so much chakra that killed Nagato.

What is Nagato' s last name?

Nagato in naruto is pein.Nagato became pein in the 2nd great ninja war.Jiraiya took him,yahiko,and konan as his students.Now nagato is the akatsuki member known as pein.Pein is not the lleader of the akatsuki though.

How did jiirya died from naruto?

He was killed by his ex-students, Pain, Nagato, and Konan.

What powers did negato give Naruto?

Nagato did not give Naruto any powers. The only thing Nagato did before he died was revive everyone in the village that he killed.

Why does nagato bring back Kakashi to life?

Naruto managed to change Nagato's views on the seemingly endless cycle of war and peace, and so Nagato decided to undo the damage he'd done, reviving the people who were killed during his attack.

How is pein from Naruto?

pain/nagato is the leader of the akatuski who was a former pupil of jiraiya who he killed. nagato also killed kakashi and has 6 clones which naruto all got rid of. he then sacrificed himself beliveing that naruto was the key/bridge to peace

What does yahiko mean?

Yahiko is a character from Naruto Shippuden, he was a student under Jairaya along with Kohnan and Nagato, he was the creator of the Akatsuki but he later was killed and revived as the Deva Path by Nagato using the Rinnengan