Who killed Altab Ali?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Roy Arnold (17-year old from Limehouse), Carl Ludlow (17-year old from Bow) and unnamed mixed race 16-year old.

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Q: Who killed Altab Ali?
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Who killed Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

In the 7th book, Heartless, it is suggested that Billy Ford killed Ali. In the 8th book of the series, Wanted, the truth is revealed (in somewhat retroactive continuity).Ali secretly had a twin sister, Courtney, who the girls knew as "Ali" until she was killed, actually by her sister the real Ali. Courtney was pretending to be Ali while Ali was in a mental hospital overseas. When Ali came back, she was so mad at Courtney for pretending to be her that she pushed Courtney into a hole, killing her. Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna didn't know about Ali's twin, so they were led to believe that the real Ali died.Mona was originally "A" because she was jealous that Hanna dumped her for Aria, Emily, and Spencer. Mona was "A" for awhile until she was killed at Homecoming. After Mona died, Ali took on the "A" persona.It wasnt Ali that died. It was Courtney.Well, in the books, Ali had a twin sister Courtney who switched places with Ali, then Courtney became friends with the 4 girls. Ali was mad at Courtney because of the switch so ali killed Courtney that night. and the REAL Ali was alive and courteny was killed.First of all Ali was really Chelsea, Allisons Twin sister. They switched places because Chelsea wanted a normal life ( was in a crazy house). So to make the long story short, Ali Killed "Ali"Read it in Wanted, The Last Book

Why did Ali kill Toby?

I don't believe that Alli ever killed anyone. Blinded Jenna, but did not kill. MY ANSWER: the real Alison killed a lot of people including Courtney (her twin who is pretending to be Ali) Jenna Ian Toby

Who is A in the books Pretty Little Liars?

it was Mona, but after she dies, a new A comes back. The new A is actually ALI. ali has a twin sister, Courtney. and she was the one that was killed. And it was actually Courtney that was friends with Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and aria. Courtney lived in a mental institute but tricked ali into going. so ali got revenge & killed her, pushing her down the hole. so ali became A to get back at the pretty little liars.

Where did Ali go after she killed Courtney?

She went back to her home, where she was taken back to her mental hospital!

In Pretty Little Liars who killed Alison?

The alison that died wasnt the real one she was the crazy twin sister "courtney", and the real alison killed her. The real Alison is still alive!Ali killed AliThat's what a medium told Aria, this is actually true.Ali had a twin sister, Courtney. She pretended to be Alison, so Ali had to go to a mental hospital. After she could visit home, she killed Courtney, who was still pretending to be Alison.

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Who killed Ali in the Pretty Little Liars books?

Ali killed Ali!

On Pretty Little Liars how did Ali really die?

Ali was killed by the real Ali. Courtney was the Ali that was killed! Courtney and Ali were twins that switched place.

When was Karfanaum ali As killed created?

Karfanaum ali As killed was created in 1998.

Who killed Ali from the Pretty Little Liars series?

Ali kills Ali

Who killed Ali in PLL?

Ali isn't dead. The whole time it was Courtney pretending to be Ali. Courtney is sick in the head and somehow managed to switch places with Ali, then Ali came back and killed Courtney :)

Who Killed Ali in the Pretty Little?

The real Ali killed her twin Courtney. Courtney was friends with the Pretty Little Liars. Ali didn't like Courtney.

Why does Ali kill Jenna in Pretty Little Liars?

Ali killed Jenna because Jenna knew about the Courtney and Ali that's why she killed her. And that's the exact same reason she killed Ian too.

Did Ali kill ian?

Ali killed Ali. It's hard to explain. Read Wanted.

Is Mona or Ali A?

first it was Mona than she get killed so Ali is A now

How is Ali A in Pretty Little Liars?

Ali is not A, it is Mona. Ali was not actually killed either. It was her twin sister Courtney.

Did Ali kill Jenna in Pretty Little Liars?

Yes, Ali killed Jenna.

Why would Mona kill Ali on Pretty Little Liars?

Mona did not kill Ali. Spencer killed Mona because Mona was trying to kill her. The real Ali came to Rosewood and killed Courtney, her twin, because Courtney the crazy one stole Ali's life. The real Ali also killed Jenna, and framed Billy Ford, the Gazebo worker for both Ali and Jenna's murder.