Who is xicor?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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xicor is the son of goku (kakarot) he appears in the dragon ball af series he is the grandson of bardock,great grandson of till,brother of gohan and goten although he is evil and a ssj9 he very strong and only can be destroyed by the z sword or goku he is not chi-chi's son he is the son of a god

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Xicor is basically a hybrid with Goku's and Western supreme Kai's DNA

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Q: Who is xicor?
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Who is stronger goku or xicor?

Goku because Goku beat Xicor even tho Xicor was part god and reached ss5.Goku also reached ss5 and beat Xicor with a fierce kamehamaha.

Dragon Ball af did xicor die?

dragon ball af and xicor isn't real

WHO is xicor mother?


Is xicor real?


Is xicor off of Dragon Ball Z gokus son?

xicor is made up.xicor is real but no he is not goku

What are all gokus sons names?

Gohan and Goten. In af (Fan made) he has a boy named xicor, but xicor isn't real.

How do you get xicor in raging blast 2?

Xicor is a made-up character in the fan-made series Dragon Ball AF. He doesn't exist in RB2.

Who is stronger broly or xicor in both last forms?

Broly is a legendary super saiyan!!whereas xicor is ss5!!but goku defeats broly in ss2 form!hence it is clear that xicor is more stronger!!and he is way better than the legendary super saiyan broly!!but it is not confirm that xicor is a real character or just a fan made char!!therefore this is also the thing behind it!!

Who is xicor on Dragon Ball Z?

xicor is a character that was made up when someone wanted to create a new db series xicor is merely an alien son of goku but he doesn't really exist if you feel like it then try watching dbaf it's drawn really well

What is the main story of Dragon Ball AF?

There was a rumor that goku travels the universe and this girl is obsessed with goku and in her dreams she makes love to goku and makes a son named xicor who goes ona rampage and goku has to find him and stop xicor

What do early Christians believe?

frin vegeta lamout goku piccilo gohan xicor ssj

What is lilli dbz budokai 2?

It is game that is very fun it has ssj5 vegeta , gohan , goku, and xicor.