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Her name is margo stilley :)

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Q: Who is woman on the degree deodorant commercial where the woman receives a black dress it sounds french?
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What is the song on the degree deodorant commercial where the woman receives a black dress it sounds french and i think its carla bruni i just dont know what song?

It's "In the Mood for l'Amour" by Claire Denamur

What is the french song in the new degree women's deodorant commercial?

the song's called "in the mood for l'amour" by Claire Denamur. hoe it helps!

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What is the translation to the words of the french song in the Toyota commercial?

I didn't find any toyota commercial with a french song, could you be more specific ?

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it is a song sung originally in spanish called Chau chau adios translated in french for the commercial

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