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Mariel Booth

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Q: Who is the actress in the state farm french model commercial?
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Who are the black actors featured in the State Farm Insurance Dap Commercial 2010?

who is the actress in the state farm commercial dating a french modle

Who is the black actor in the State Farm French model commercial?

The black actor in the State Farm French model commercial is Kevin Mimms.

Who is the actor playing the 'french model' on the state farm commercial where everything on the internet is true?

The actor playing the "French model" on the State Farm commercial is Gabriel Tigerman.

Who is the blonde actress in the state farm commercial state of disbelief?

Mariel Booth

Who is black actress in State Farm commercial talking mime?


Who is the blond actress in the state farm shopping commercial?

The blond actress in the State Farm Shopping commercial is Megan Stevenson. She is an actress and has starred in the movies, Review, Holly's Holiday, and Cavemen.

Is the actress from the red robin commercial the same person in state farm Jake?

No, the actress from the Red Robin commercial is not the same person as in the State Farm Jake commercials. The Red Robin commercial features actress Elizabeth McLaughlin, while the State Farm Jake commercials feature actor Kevin Mimms.

Who plays the french male model in the state farm commercial?

Ptolemy Slocum is the french model actor. That is incorrect. The name of this particular actor/comedian is Eric Filipkowski.

Is kaley cuoco in state farm commercial?

As of September 2014, Kaley Cuoco is not currently in a State Farm commercial. The blond actress shopping for a purse in the current State Farm commercial is Megan Stevenson.

Who is the Actress in the Nevada State Bank Blue Door commercial?

Erica Shaffer

Who is the Asian actress in the State Farm red purse commercial?

Camille Chen

Who is the actress in the Talking Mime State Farm Commercial?

The Actress is Nakia Burrise, who is know for playing the Yellow Power Ranger.