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Q: Who is the Asian actress in the State Farm red purse commercial?
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Who is the blond girl in the State Farm Purse commercial?

The blonde actress picking up the red purse in the state farm shopping commercial is Kate Hudson.

Is kaley cuoco in state farm commercial?

As of September 2014, Kaley Cuoco is not currently in a State Farm commercial. The blond actress shopping for a purse in the current State Farm commercial is Megan Stevenson.

What brand purse is the actress carrying in the Verizon commercial?

Issey Miyake

Who is the actress in the miller lite commercial about the man purse?

Unless I'm mistaken, the actress is Lindsey McKeon.

What is the purse brand of the grey purse in the state farm fisherman commercial?


Where to purchase red purse in state farm commercial?

The red purse in the State Farm commercial is a Melie Bianco purse. You can find the purse in fine retail stores and also from online stores such as Handbags and Amazon.

Who is the blonde in the state farm purse buying commercial?

Megan Stevenson

What brand is the purse in the State Farm commercial with the fisherman?

It's the Kristy purse by Melie Bianco in wine red. Good luck trying to find it still!

What is the motorcycle from the boost mobile purse snatcher commercial?

KTM 640 Duke

Who is the actor from the honesty purse commercial?

i think his name is josh i really don't know but isn't he cute i want to date him

Who is the bartendar in the miller lite beer commercial with the guy that has a purse?

Lindsey Mckeon. You probably remember her from One Tree Hill.

Where can you get the red purse from the blackberry torch commercial?

It is a KeyBag from designer João Sabino. They come in red, pink, black or white.