Who is wife is a jinchuriki?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Minato's wife, Kushina was the second jinchuriki of the nine tails,

Harishima's wife, unknown was the first jinchuriki of the nine tails,

(Naruto is the third jinchurki of the nine taills,)

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Q: Who is wife is a jinchuriki?
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What does jinchuriki mean?

Jinchuriki is someone who is the host to a demon.

How does Garra lose his jinchuriki status?

garra loses his jinchuriki status because the sand demon inside of him is extracted and kill him and is revib by laddy ciyo but is not a jinchuriki

What episode does kisame fight roushi?

Naruto Shippuden episode 325: Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!!

Who created Jinchuriki?

A person who has tailed beast sealed in him/her are called Jinchuriki. First Jinchuriki was Sage of Six Path who sealed 10 tailed beast in himself. Naruto's 9 tailed beasted was sealed by Minato his father.

Dose Garra lose his Jinchuriki status after the Akatsuki extracted the One-Tailed Shukaku from Garra?

Yes he does. Jinchuriki means who has tailed beast sealed inside them. Since one-tailed beast was removed from him, we can't call him jinchuriki

What is the name of a person with a bujii in naruto?


Who is your favorite jinchuriki?

The 12 tailed one

Who is yugito?

the jinchuriki host = 2 tails

How many Jinjuriki?

They have stated 12 Jinchuriki till now. Even though there is 9 tailed beast, they can have many hosts like Gaara was the third jinchuriki of Shikaku( One tailed Racoon) and Sage of the six path being the first Jinchuriki of 10 tailed beast.

What is a jinchuriki?

A Jinchuuriki is a person who has a Bijuu sealed inside their body.

How can naruto defeat the ten tails jinchuriki?

Using senjutsu.

Does sauske go blind?

No. In naruto shippuden he gets eternal mangekyo in both eyes after he defeats the eight tails Jinchuriki. (This jinchuriki is a horrible rapper but that is my opinion. It might be better if I understood him)