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Kathy Fitzgerald who is at present on Broadway in Wicked

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Q: Who is the red haired actress Laura in CVS commercial?
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Is the red haired actress Laura in the CVS commercial Melissa Gilbert?

It isn't Catherine O'hara OR Melissa Gilbert. I'm still trying to figure out where I've seen her before, but it's definitely not either of these two ladies.

Who is the elderly actress in CVS commercial?

Kate Weiman

Who is the actress who plays bonnie in the cvs commercial?

Kate Weiman

Who is the actress in the CVS Commercial about the reward card that aired Seotember 2012 and how old is she please?

i think it is Jacy King

What does Bonnie drives in the CVS pharmacy commercial?


Is the actress in the tv ad for Advair the same one in the CVS ad?

Yes, it is.

Who plays Ann the twin in the CVS commercial?

Jacy King

Who plays Carla in the CVS pharmacy commercial?

It is so good to see someone so happy with their business and CVS is an excellent company.

Who plays Ann in the CVS extra bucks rewards commercial?

Jacy king

Is bonnie Franklin in CVS commercials?

No, Bonnie Franklin, the late actress best known for her role in the TV show "One Day at a Time," is not in CVS commercials.

Who is the woman in the current August 2009 CVS Pharmacy commercial with very short gray hair talking about pharmacy reminders re refills on medications?

She looks like the 80s actress that played in the Buck Rogers TV series. That was Erin Gray and if you check out current photos ... this isn't her. (Ms. Gray still has long, dark hair ...) I think the CVS lady has done mostly modeling/ads ... I even contacted CVS and never got a response. No her name is Jennifer Rhodes she was on the show charmed as the grandma named penny. In the current commerial May 2010, the actress talks about CVS coupons. She looks and sounds like Carol Channing, but I cannot find anyone who knows for sure.

Where can you find the thermogenic advanced hydroxycut commercial that was on channel abc6 on August 12 2009?

Try looking at your local GNC or CVS =)