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There is more than one boy. The boy with the mulberry coloured birthmark dissapears early in the novel and does not participate in any of the killings. Simon is the first murder victim when he is killed at the feast, so he doesn't participate in any murders either.

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Piggy, this is stated in Painted Faces and Long Hair, chapter 4.

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Q: Who is the only boy in Lord of the Flies whose hair does not seem to grow?
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Whose hair does not appear to grow in the lord of the flies?


Whose hair never seems to grow like all the others on lord of the flies?


What doesn't piggy's hair do in lord of the flies?

piggy's hair doesn't seem to grow

What doesn't piggys hair do in lord of the flies?

In "Lord of the Flies," Piggy's hair does not grow long or become unkempt like some of the other boys' hair on the island. This is because Piggy remains focused on survival and maintaining a sense of order, rather than succumbing to the chaos and savagery that affects the other boys.

Why doesn't piggys hair grows in lord of the flies?

Piggy is portrayed as a fragile, intellectual character in "Lord of the Flies," and his lack of hair growth may symbolize his vulnerability and innocence. Additionally, his inability to grow facial hair could emphasize his youth and naivete compared to the other boys on the island.

What color of hair is jacks in lord of the flies?

In "Lord of the Flies," Jack's hair color is golden or blonde. This hair color symbolizes his leadership, charisma, and savage nature as the story progresses.

What is a strange detail of piggys hair?

A strange detail of Piggy's hair in "Lord of the Flies" is that it is described as thinning and wispy, which reflects his fragile and vulnerable nature. Additionally, his hair color is not explicitly stated in the book, leaving it open to interpretation.

What color hair does Jack have in Lord of the Flies?


In Lord of The Flies what does hair like tow mean?

It means they have blonde hair.

What color hair did Tom Chapin have when he was in the lord of the flies 1963 version?

blonde hair

Who had a shock of black hair that mached his gloomy face in lord of the flies?


In Lord of the Flies which character did they introduce first?

The first character to be mentioned in Lord of the Flies is simply referred to as the boy with fair hair, he later reveals that his name is Ralph.