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Jennifer winget willl play the role of dr. riddhima now

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Sukriti Kandpal was the new Riddhima. She was acting in the show on Channel One. It was a duo of medical and romance TV serial.

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Q: Who is the new riddhima after sukirti khandpal?
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Who is Sukirti Khandpal?

Sukirti Khandpal is an Indian TV Actress.

What is the new Riddhima's real name?

After Shilpa Anand left - the very first Riddhima - Sukeerti (or Sukirti) Khandpal took her place. Now, Sukeerti has also quit Dill Mill Gayye, so now Jennifer Winget (aka Ganga from Sangam and Sneha from Kasautii Zindagi Kay) will be the new Dr. Riddhima Gupta from April 13th 2009. She will be marrying Dr. Armaan in the show.

Are vivian d'sena sukirti khandpal dating each other?


What is the name of heroin in Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani?

its sukirti Khandpal

What is per day income of sukirti khandpal and vivian dsena?

10,00000 rupees per day income vivian

Why sukrti left dill mill gayye?

Because Sukirti Khandpal is a ugly girl who has no life and goes does shows like Pyaar Ki yeh ek Kahani.

Riddhima will be with sid or armaan?

riddhima will choose to armaan

What is height of sukriti khandpal?

the height of sukriti khandpal is 5.4 feet.

When was Sukirti Kandpal born?

Sukirti Kandpal was born on 1987-11-20.

Who is sukirti kandpal's boyfriend?

sukirti has no boyfriend yet she is single she with noo one

What is the meaning of Riddhima?

The meaning of 'Riddhima' is "full of love". This is a beautiful name. The main character of the popular show on channel Star ONE, Dill Mill Gayye, is also called Riddhima because of her personality and values. Also, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor's daughter (and Ranbir Kapoor's sister) is called Riddhima Kapoor.

Who is Sukirti Kandpal's boy friend?

vivian dsena is the boyfriend of vahbiz doberjee.....he cnt be the boyfriend of sukirti kandpal....