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sukirti has no boyfriend yet she is single she with noo one

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Q: Who is sukirti kandpal's boyfriend?
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Who is Sukirti Kandpal's boy friend?

vivian dsena is the boyfriend of vahbiz doberjee.....he cnt be the boyfriend of sukirti kandpal....

Who is sukirti kandpal's real boyfriend?

i think she is single

Who is sukriti kandpal husband?

Vivian dsena is sukirti kandpal husband.and sukirti kandpal is vivian desena wife in pyar ke yeh kahani in real life she didnt married yet.although she have a boyfriend.

Who is Sukirti Khandpal?

Sukirti Khandpal is an Indian TV Actress.

When was Sukirti Kandpal born?

Sukirti Kandpal was born on 1987-11-20.

What does sukirti mean?

lively ever

What is sukirti kandpal's age?


Is sukirti kandpal married?


What is sukirti kandpal's id?

Who is sukirti kandpal favourite person?


What is height of sukirti kandpal?

i think ft5.3

What is sukirti kandpal fav color?

Purple thankyou