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Laura Covarrubias

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his name is

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Q: Who is the guy on the disaronno commercial?
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Who is the guy in the disaronno on the rocks 2009 advert?

Joshua Sarrazola

Is there a liquor brand starting with letter d that has a recent commercial?

disaronno. its an amaretto liquor.

Who is the singer in the Disaronno Amaretto commercial?

The band is Psapp and the song is "Hi." by TK from the Music You Might Otherwise Miss.

How much does Disaronno cost?

Disaronno costs about $25 a fifth.

What is the title of the music in the new Disaronno commercial?

My Best Guest Loneliness(Chill House Mix) by Blank & Jones, Buddha Bar IX

What is the country of origin for the liqueur Disaronno?

The country of origin for the Disaronno liqueur (a brand of Amaretto) is Italy. Disaronno originated in Saronno, a commune in Lombardy, Italy and its production is still there to this date.

How do you spell disorno?

The word for bringing ill repute is "dishonor". The brand name for an almond-flavored liqueur was "Amaretto Disaronno" and is now known as "Disaronno Originale".

Who is the guy in the elevator in the Halls commercial?

It is not known who the guy is in the elevator in the Halls commercial. The Halls commercial premiered in 2008.

Is the actor in the discover frog commercial the same guy?

The same guy as what? If you are referring to the other guy in the commercial, then it does appear to be the same guy.

Who is the guy in the Windstream commercial?

Is he the same guy that's on that blue hippo scam commercial

Is an unopened bottle of amaretto disaronno worth anything?

About $20

Who is the guy in the transformers cell phone commercial?

The guy in the transformers phone commercial is Jonathan Sadowski.