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her name is DEV

check out DEV - Booty Bounce

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Q: Who is the girl singer in g6 song?
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Who is the girl that sings like a g6?

Dev she's an indie pop singer who also sings with the Cataracs on that song.

What is the name of the girl in the song like a g6?


Is a g6 a car or plane?

its a plane. like the song called G6, " Fly like a G6

What do they mean feeling so fly like a g6 in the song like a g6?

g6 is a jet. feelin so 'FLY' like a G6

What is the name of the song that talks about a g6?

"Like a G6" by Far East Movement

Who is the girl in Far East Movement?

there is no girl, the group is composed of guys, but in their song, "Like a G6", the girls' voice you hear, is Dev, she's just featured on their song, but she isn't part of the group.

What is a g6 girl?

It means, a fly girl.

Who is the lead singer of like a g6?

She's called Dev and is an indie-pop singer.

What does G6 mean in the song?

there talking about the g6 plane, the plane is featured in the end of the video

What does high like a G6 mean?

In the song G6 by Far East Movementrefers to being "so high like a G6". A G6 is a type of jet that can fligh extremely fast up high (meaning #1) in the air. The word high(meaning #2) also is a type of "slang" word for being extremely drunk. The writers of the song make this simile saying that the singer is "so high (meaning #2), just like "a jet is so high (meaning #2).

She's a mystical girl?

"She's a mystical girl" is the opening line in the song Dream Girl by the R&B singer Damien Horne. The song centers on a woman the singer is fixated upon, and dreams about nightly.

Who is the singer of the song 'Material Girl'?

Madona is one of them