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Q: Who is the girl singer in the infected mushroom song blink?
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Who is the brunette on the beach with the singer in the Blink 182 video All the Small Things?

The actress who plays the beach girl that the singer rolls around in the sand with in Blink 182's "All The Small Things" video is Jessica Jackson. This information can be obtained when searching for the making of the music video.

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Yes, it is possible, if the girl is infected with the virus.

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fergie is the girl singer in imma be.

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Girl Singer was created in 1992.

Can you be infected with hiv virus if your girl infected with hiv swim with you when she is in mensuration period?

No, you will not be infected in that manner.

Is the lead singer of blink-182 cute?

It depends on a lot of things. If you are a boy then maybe yes, like I said it depends if you are gay. Now if you are a girl I am a girl so my opinion is in some videos he's cute but sometimes he's just plain ugly.

Is the girl on enema of the state by blink 182 dead?

no she's not.

Is Madonna a solo girl singer?

Yes, Madonna is a solo girl singer.

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