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Jane krakowski

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2016-06-09 17:21:59
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Q: Who is the actress in the newest Verizon wireless commercial?
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Who is the creepy neighbor lady in the newest 2008 Verizon Wireless commercial that talks about the Deadzone and the previous owners went insane?

Carrie ann moss

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The friend from King of Queens.

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David Spade is one...

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I believe the actress in the newest Theraflu commercial is Eleni Fuaixis. She played Debbie (Steve's girlfriend) in Sex and the City.

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The newest phone offered by Verizon Wireless include the Galaxy S4, HTC One and Apple iPhones. Since models change so frequently they are always updating this list.

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in the newest Lowe's commercial, its Fo from ANTM (whichever cycle had the short models)

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CArdiff city

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The actress looks like Emma Caulfield from Buffy. Any other Slayer fans agree or know?

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