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Marlena Shaw

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Q: Who sings the song from the newest dockers commercial?
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Who sings the newest 'The Event commercial song?

civil twilight

Who sings with Marlena Shaw in the Dockers California soul song?

Marlena Shaw sang solo in the Dockers khaki commercial. The song "California Soul" was originally recorded by The Fifth Dimension.

Who sings the song 'Peace Love and Gap' in the newest Gap commercial?

The artist Common sings the Peace, Love and Gap song in the Gap commercial.

Who sings the theme song for newest target commercial?

Jessie magarthy hottie!!!!! :)

Who sings the song in the newest dell commercial where a girl is riding a scooter?

the song is "the wand" by the flaming lips

Who is the actor in the Dockers commercial featuring the song 'Go Boy Go'?

The actor in the Dockers commercial Stephan Muzzinegrow.

Who sings the song in the newest Saturn Vue commercial?

Simple Kid- Lil' King Kong

Who sings the newest song in the Geico 'Caveman' commercial They are on motorcycles and see a billboard?

The Sounds - "Hurt You"

Who sings Lets have a real good time song in the newest Dr Pepper commercial?

Pit Bull

What is the name of the song in the new Dockers commercial that says 'you want a Sunday kind of love'?

The name of the song in the new Dockers commercial is 'A Sunday Kind of Love', by the one and only Etta James.

Who sings the song on the bones commercial?

The latest commercial for Bones airing in October 2011 has Matt Nathanson's "Faster" from his newest album, Modern Love.

Who sings the song for the newest spanish jc penny commercial?

Keela Williams sings the song on the jc penny commercial. She just started singing and she has a new album out called "New girl in town" with songs such as "With the wind" "Take that guy" and "What about my jeans?"