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The name of the actress is Maureen McCarroll. Have her contact me as soon as possible, I have some important (good) news for her! Jim L. Laurel, Md

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Q: Who is the actress featured in the one a day for women commercial?
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Who is the actress dancing in the One A Day 50 plus for women commercial?

Unfortunately, I do not have access to current commercials or the ability to browse the internet. I recommend checking the commercial credits or searching online for information about the actress in the One A Day 50 plus for women commercial.

Who is the actress in the Xerox commercial trust your business?

The actress in the commercial is Catherine Kresge. She has been in such movies as A Good Day to Die Hard and The Things We Carry.

Who was the the actress who had a bad day in the citi simplicity commercial?

Melissa Marty

Who is the actress on Belk's commercial?

The Actress in the Belk Mothers Day commercial is Katelyn Elizabeth Ellison M.D. a Physician. She is basically an unknown has done some modeling on the side and happened to be on the set while casting a Christmas Commercial for Belk.

What is the name and who sings the song featured in the M and M commercial containing lyrics 'this is the day'?

It's called "this is the day" by The The you can youtube it, i had trouble finding it on limewire

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Melisa de carlo

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Ordinary Day- Emilie Mover from her album "Good Shake, Nice Gloves" featured on Downy commercials :D

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! The record featured in the commercial was originally released in 1992/1993. A few searches on discogs, youtube, et al, will yield some evidence that Day V Lately and the song playing in the commercial are not fictional.

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Etta James, "Loving You More Every Day" - "Love Songs" album...

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Yes the do, if you are referring to the one used in the car commercial, I heard the song is going to be featured in muses upcoming album.

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Felicia Day You're welcome. :-)

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It was featured on the south park episode hooked on monkey phonics, which showed Dio was performing at the school dance. I watched Rocky IV the other day, and heard the song being played during his training in Russia.