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Melisa de carlo

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Q: Who is the actress that plays the girl in the u-verse cable guy career day commercial?
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Who is actress from cable one commercial?

Kristen Carpenter is the actress from the Cable One commercial.

Who is the Mexican actress who plays on the att cable commercial?

She's not

Who is the actress in the RBS cable car commercial?

The name of the actress in the RBS cable car commercial is Regan Southard. Regan is a New York based actress also know for the role of "Audrey Willaims" in the hit musical "Hank Williams;Lost Highway".

Who is the cable guy in the att commercial career day?

Jonathan Kite

Who is the Actress on the current Time Warner cable commercial who is stuck in the airport?

Gillian Vigman

Who stars in the uverse classroom commercial as the cable guy?

I think it's Jonathan Kite, the cook from Two Broke Girls. I can't find any info to confirm that though.

Does UVerse offer DVR?

Yes, UVerse does offer DVR. It is less expensive than most cable companies and you can have it in each room. Most cable companies only allow you to have it on one TV.

Who is the actress in the current Time Warner Cable commercial in the flower shop scared by zombies?

Mary Louise Parker

What kind of service does uverse broadband offer?

Uverse offers basic high speed cable internet service. This is a comparable service, with comparable speeds, to more established companies such as comcast.

How can you watch the show ANT farm?

Obtaining cable...... Dish, Direct, Uverse, it's on the Disney channel

What is the name of the girl in the oceanic cable commercial?

Her name is Janice Morimoto, she's a local actress in Hawaii. She recently moved to Korea with her husband.

When was Commercial Cable Company created?

Commercial Cable Company was created in 1884.