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The name of the actor in the GEICO Man Made of Money commercial is not stated. It is stated that Jake Wood a British actor is the current voice of the GEICO gecko.

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His name is Reagan Burns.

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Q: Who is the actor in the Geico man made of money commericials?
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How many Geico commericials have been made?

There is no listing of the total number of Geico commercials which have been made to date. There have been many campaigns, including the Geico cavemen and Geico Gecko. Each campaign, in turn, has produced a string of commercials.

Who is the actor in the Geico man made of money commercials?

I know it cannot possibly be, but it looks like Jeff Bridges under all that green.

What is the salary of the voice of the Geico gecko?

The voice of the Geico gecko is made by Jake Wood. It is not known how much he makes doing the voice. He is also an actor who is best known for playing Max Branning in EastEnders.

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Who sings the song in the new Geico Money commercial?

The song in the new Geico Money commercial is called "Somebody's Watching Me." It was originally sung by Rockwell in 1984, featuring guest vocals from Michael Jackson. However, in the Geico commercial version, the song is performed by a cover band.

How many Geico commercials have they made?

too many!

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