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Hayao Miyazaki

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Q: Who is the Director of Totoro?
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What is the production company for the movie your neighbor totoro?

My Neighbor Totoro is a film by Studio Ghibli, Inc. and was directed by Hayao Miyasaki in 1988. Studio Ghibli is a Japanese Animation studio with their headquarters located in Kognai, Toyko. Their logo features the Totoro character from My Neighbor Totoro. Kazuo Oga was the art director for the film, who designed the color palette for My Neighbor Totoro.

Who is totoro?

Totoro is an anime character. He features in a film called 'My Neighbour Totoro'.

What is a totoro doll?

A Totoro doll is based upon the anime film "My Neighbor Totoro" titular character .

Where can you watch totoro?

if you have a video store next to you than look in there and ask for 'my neighbor totoro' that is the actual name instead of just totoro

What is the duration of My Neighbor Totoro?

The duration of My Neighbor Totoro is 1.43 hours.

Are totoro's real?

If you are talking about Totoro Cauca in Columbia: then yes!Unless you consider the adorable plush or ceramic renditions of Totoro to be the real thing: an unfortunately resounding no. Totoro is entirely fictional, much to everyone's disappointment.

How is totoro different to dumbo?

Very weird yet simple question, Totoro is a troll Dumbo is a elephant.. there are many different things that are Different from Totoro and Dumbo .. Dumbo flies with his ears , totoro flies with a topper ..

When was My Neighbor Totoro created?

My Neighbor Totoro was created on 1988-04-16.

Why does totoro like the umbrella?

In the movie "My Neighbor Totoro", Totoro likes the umbrella due to the sound the rain makes when it falls on the lining fabric of the umbrella.

How did Totoro help Satsuki and Mei in the film totoro?

It help her to find her young sister

Why does Totoro live in a tree?

He lives in a tree because , hes a troll and totoro thinks its his home :)

What If You Met Totoro?

I don't know.Totoros are friendly though.Totoro can be HUGE,but they can be your friends like in My Neighbor Totoro!