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Q: Who is the Designer of Gold evening dress in Overboard movie?
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Where can you buy the evening dress Julia ormond wore in the movie Sabrina?

In a store

Who was the designer of Tess McGill's white dress when she crashed the wedding in the movie Working Girl?

michale kors.

Who made the pink dress that Jennifer Hudson wore on American Idol?

The pink dress Jennifer Hudson wore on American idol, was designed by designer Njide aka Quadretta Barrett of Chicago. She saw the design in beige at Millenniums boutique and requested that the dress be duplicated in pink. Roman Bailey the head tailor, called the designer for permission to remake the dress in pink. The designer agreed as long as she mentions the designer by name. The dress was also featured in the movie DreamGirls.

What was the first movie that Adam Sandler made?

Sandler's first move role was in 1989 in the movie Going Overboard.

What is the name and designer of Kristen Bell's wedding dress in the movie When In Rome?

The dress (designed by Maggie Sottero) is Briony, a silk organza strapless dress with a satin ribbon and floral detail at the waist.

What is reese witherspoons favorite movie?


What was Adam Sandlers first movie?

Adam Sandler's first movie was Going Overboard (1989). He played Schecky Moskowitz.

What was the most profitable movie Goldie Hawn made?


What are the release dates for Bad Movie Beatdown - 2009 Going Overboard - 4.12?

Bad Movie Beatdown - 2009 Going Overboard - 4.12 was released on: USA: 21 July 2012

Where does Meryl Streep's dress in mamma mia come from?

(It's a "EVA VARRO" Color Peacock dress. She sells at Nordstrom and upscale boutiques. Just google her.)(It is actually NOT an "eva varro" dress. The blue dress was specifically designed for the movie by the legendary Hollywood custom designer Ann Roth. There is only one dress like that.)It is neither of the above. I have an identical dress to the embroidered blue dress she wore, and it was made by "Lil". The brown ribbon at the sleeves was added for the movie, but the rest is straight off the rack by "Lil"

Who was costume designer on Treasure Island movie in 1950?

Sheila Graham was a costume designer on the Treasure Island movie.

Where can I buy the sweet heart lace strapless wedding dress from the dream sequence in breaking dawn that Bella wears?

You can't. It's a one of a kind, designed by the movie's costume designer.