Who is stronger sam or Jacob?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think Sam is stronger, because first of all he is bigger and the breaking dawn part 1 movie made me think that Sam didn't disagree with Jacob anymore cause' he thinks he is his family.

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Q: Who is stronger sam or Jacob?
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What nicknames does Samuel Jacob go by?

Samuel Jacob goes by Sam-Jacob, Sammy, and Sam.

Who is stronger in twilight?

jacob is the stronger

Who is stronger Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?

Edward Cullen is way stronger than Jacob not by physical strength, but because if Edward bite Jacob he will die!

What has the author Sam-Sam written?

Sam-Sam. has written: 'Stronger than the strong'

Who is stronger - Caleb or Jacob?

Jacob is by far. My god, he is frickin sexy too.

Why is sam better faster and stronger than Michael?

because sam is dead sexy and Michael will see this and admit that sam is better faster and stronger

Who is Jacob Blacks two best friends?

Bella and Sam or Sam and Quil

Who are ALL the wearwolves names in new moon?

In "New Moon", there are two werewolves: Jacob Black and Sam Uley. Sam leads the werewolf pack in La Push.

Does Sam Uley turn Jacob into a wolf?

No, Sam Uley does not turn Jacob into a wolf. Jacob transforms into a werewolf due to his Quileute heritage and the presence of vampires in the area, triggering his transformation. Sam is the Alpha of the pack and an important figure in guiding the werewolves.

Who is Sam in eclipse by Stephenie Meyer?

sam is the leader of the werewolf pack that Jacob is in. Later in the book, breaking dawn, Jacob seperates from the pack and starts his own pack

Is sam the real leader of the wolf pack in twilight?

Sam is the Alpha, yes, but Jacob is the one truelysupposed to be the Alpha. He's the one with the most direct lineage. Sam just changed first and Jacob didn't want the responsibility so he let Sam have it.

What does Bella say that are no good for Jacob?

Bella says that the wolf pack which is Sam and his group she says that they are not good for Jacob.