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I Dont think its that bad

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Q: Who is not a fan of lady gaga's wordrob?
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Who is not a fan of lady gagas wardobe?

Her Drycleaner

What is the answer to hes not a fan of lady gagas wardrobe on poptropia?


Who is Lady Gagas number one fan in new jersey?

Amanda M O

What brand hair dye does Lady Gaga use?

Lady Gagas natural hair color is..... brown HUGE FAN OF LADY GAGA :) :) :) :) :)

What is the third answer in Game Show Island not a fan of Lady Gagas wardrobe poptropica?

The answer is: Her Dry-Cleaner

Who is Lady Gagas number one fan in the whole world?

A Teenage girl named Makayla MacLaughlin

What is Lady Gagas favortie coulor?

How are you calling yourself a lady gaga fan? If you don't even know her favorite color? well anyway it lavender.

What is Lady Gagas naturel hair colour?

Lady GaGas hair is naturally brown, as she is an american-italian.

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Is bayonce Lady Gagas sister?