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dark brown

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Q: What is Lady Gagas natural hair colour?
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What is Lady Gagas naturel hair colour?

Lady GaGas hair is naturally brown, as she is an american-italian.

What does Lady Gagas hair really look like?

lady gaga's hair is an auburn colour

What brand hair dye does Lady Gaga use?

Lady Gagas natural hair color is..... brown HUGE FAN OF LADY GAGA :) :) :) :) :)

What is Lady Gagas real hair?

Lady Gaga has long blonde straight hair.

What coulour is Lady Gagas hair?

Blonde you can see

Is lady gagas hair long or short?


What is Lady Gagas eye color?

Her real eye colour is brown even though her hair is blondeYes, her real eye colour is brown~ But she is not naturally a blonde either. Her real hair colour is also brown.

What colour hair has lady gaga have?

Her natural hair color is dark brown.

Is ladygaga's hair really white?

lady gagas hair is really white

Lady Gagas white hair is it real?

Actually, it is REAL. She used to have a blonde wig, but then just decided to dye it.She is a natural brunette

Is that lady gagas real hair?

no she really had dark brown hair but decided to dye it blonde

Where can you buy lilac hair extensions like Lady Gagas in the UK?

no in America