Who is natalya dating?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She us dating teammate Tyson Kidd.

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TJ Wilson

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Q: Who is natalya dating?
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Is natalya dating Tyson kidd?


Is natalya dating anyone in WWE?

Yes, Tyson Kidd. They have been dating for over six years.

Is john Cena and natalya friends?

yes they are dating the are getting married

Is The Hart Dynasty related to Bret Hart?

Natalya is the niece of Bret. DH Smith is Natalya's cousin. And Tyson Kidd and Natalya are dating. Plus, Tyson grew up with the Hart Family.

Who does natalya go out with?

She has been dating Tyson Kidd since Nov. 2001.

Is WWE's Natalya dating anyone?

TJ Wilson also known as Tyson Kidd.

Is WWE superstar natalya married?

No but she has been dating Tyson Kidd for the last five years.

Are natalya neidhart and Tyson kidd engaged?

Although they have been dating for almost 10 years no they are not engaged.

Is Natalya Neidhart married?

No. She has been dating Tyson Kidd since November 2001, but she's not married.

Who is natalya neidhart dating?

Natalya is dating ECW Superstar, Tyson Kidd, and has been for 5 years Tyson kidd is having a affair with Katie Lea Burchill nahhh nahhhh u don't get it they Were dating but he left her for her sister ashlie who is now dating Jeff hardy and i know this for a fact and naty is single right now ddduhhhhh lies lies lies don't belive the last 2 answers Tyson and nattie are dating and going strong and no Jeff hardy is dating Beth Britt so there you go

Are natalya and Tyson kidd cousin?

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are married. The couple have been dating for a long time and recently got married. They are shown as an on-screen couple as part of WWE's new reality TV Show - Total Divas as well as on WWE Shows like RAW and Smackdown

Is Tyson Kidd related to David Hart Smith?

he is dating and living with natalya neidhardt which is DH Smiths cousin so technically if they get married yes