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Q: Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or JLS?
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Who is more famous out of Fern Cotton or Marvin out of JLS?

marvin JLS

Who is more famous Shrek or JLS?


Who is more famous Adele or JLS?

Adele. By far. People in places like America don't know who JLS is.

Who is more famous Spider-Man or JLS?

Spider-Man. ^-^

What year did jls become famous?

JLS came famous in 2008

Who is more faumos Justin Bieber or jls?

Justin Bieber is more famous.

Who is more famous JSL or Alexandra Burke?

JLS are more popular with teenagers whereas Alexandra Burke is more popular with an older market. In terms of sales, JLS are more popular.

Why didn't JLS win x factor?

JLS only lost by 4%And because reahnna was meant to sing with JLS but westlife came so beyonce was more famous and Alexandra sounded more better with beyonce!JLS did not win the xfactor because Alexandra got more votes than JLS in the finalclearly because it's a fix.

What were jls called before the x factor?

JLS were originally called UFO, which stood for Unique Famous Outrageous.

Are JLS becoming famous?

allready are

Are jls very famous?

Yes in the UK.

Is JLS a famous pop group?