Who is kim from kickin' it?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She is pretty smart and a black belt in karate. She also has a crush on jack

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Q: Who is kim from kickin' it?
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Who is the girl on kickin it?


Who plays Kim off of kickin it?

Olivia Holt

Will Kim and Jake from kickin it go out?

Maybe in the future

Do Olivia Holt play on kickin it?

she plays Kim Crawford.

What is kim from kickin it real name?

Her name is Olivia Holt

Do jack and kim have feelings for each other in kickin it?


Does Kim Crawford fro Kickin' It have a little sister?

Yes it's mentioned in wax on,wax off

What is the plot for kickin it hit the road jack?

A girl named Madison Curtis likes jack but Kim gets jealous

Dose christian beadless have a girlfriend?

As of right now, yes. Her name is Olivia Holt and she stars as Kim on Disney XD's Kickin' It.

When are Jack and Kim going to kiss on Kickin' it?

mabey in the naxt episode they were close in the last episode so im 90% sure

How do you get on kickin it?

where does kickin' it get filmed

When was Kickin' created?

Kickin' was created in 1989.