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Q: Is Olivia Holt from kickin it pregnant?
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What is Olivia Holt's favorite TV show?

kickin it

Who plays Kim off of kickin it?

Olivia Holt

Does Olivia Holt have an boyfriend?

She did before she started "Kickin' It" :)

Are Claire Holt from H2o and Olivia Holt from kickin' it sisters?

I think so

Is Olivia Holt play on kickin it the tv show?


Do Olivia Holt play on kickin it?

she plays Kim Crawford.

What is kim from kickin it real name?

Her name is Olivia Holt

Does Leo Howard from Kickin It flirt with Olivia Holt both on and off set?

no Leo hates Olivia Holt but pretends to like her and thinks shes stupid

What Disney Channel star is from Mississippi?

Olivia Holt is from Nesbit, Mississippi. She is in Disney XD's Kickin' It.

Who plays skylar in girl vs monster?

olivia holt and she also plays in the show kickin' it.

How come Oliva Holt was not on the 2 episodes of Kickin It?

Olivia Holt was absent for three episodes due to her filming in Girl vs. Monster.

What Olivia Holt's boy friends name?

Unknown,and it isn't Leo Howard.They were just acting for the Kickin' It.