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Teodor C. Barnardo

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luzminda & teodoro bernardo

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teodor c.bernardo

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Q: Who is kathryn bernardo's father?
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What is kathryn bernardos zodiac sign?

Kathryn Bernardos was born March 26, 1996 and therefore is born under the sign of Aries.

What is kathryn bernardos favorite food..?

sinigang na baboy.

What is Bernardos's population?

Bernardos's population is 670.

Who is father of kathryn bernardo?

Teodor C. Barnardo

Who is the full name of mother and father of kathryn bernardo?

luzviminda bernardo

Who was Maria's friend in West Side Story?

Anita, who was also Bernardos girlfriend

What is the name father of kathryn bernardo?

Kathryn chandria Ortega manuel Cruz bernardo's dad's name is Teodor C. bernardo and Kathryn chandria ortega manuel cruz bernardo's mom's name is Luzviminda M. bernardo also known as Min bernardo by kathryn chandria ortega manuel cruz bernardo Friends and Co-star.

What is the birth name of Kathryn Irene?

Kathryn Grayson's birth name is Zelma Kathryn Elisabeth Hedrick.

What actors and actresses appeared in La otra cara del espejo - 1965?

The cast of La otra cara del espejo - 1965 includes: Carmen Bernardos Carmen Bernardos as Duquesa de Alba Manuel Dicenta as Napoleon Antonio Prieto

What nicknames does Kathryn Bernardo go by?

Kathryn Bernardo goes by Kath or Kathryn.

What nicknames does Kathryn McCormick go by?

Kathryn McCormick goes by Kathryn, and Kat.

How tall is Kathryn Grayson?

Kathryn Gracey is 5' 9".