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Kathryn Stockwood is 6' 0".

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Q: How tall is Kathryn Stockwood?
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What is the birth name of Kathryn Stockwood?

Kathryn Stockwood's birth name is Kathryn Anne Stockwood.

What nicknames does Kathryn Stockwood go by?

Kathryn Stockwood goes by Kat.

When was Kathryn Stockwood born?

Kathryn Stockwood was born on December 3, ????, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ice Cream - 2003?

The cast of Ice Cream - 2003 includes: Kathryn Stockwood as Sgt. Sassoon

What actors and actresses appeared in The Loner - 2001?

The cast of The Loner - 2001 includes: Jodi Harris as Christine Suzie Rose as Suzie Kathryn Stockwood

What movie and television projects has Kathryn Stockwood been in?

Kathryn Stockwood has: Played Femme Officer in "Swap Meet" in 1999. Performed in "The Loner" in 2001. Played Patty in "Sorority Boys" in 2002. Played Princess Frances Fitzroy-Pegg-Lenox in "Henry X" in 2003. Played Sgt. Sassoon in "Ice Cream" in 2003. Played The Woman in "Reality USA" in 2004.

What is the population of Stockwood?

The population of Stockwood is 10,932.

What is the birth name of Mervyn Stockwood?

Mervyn Stockwood's birth name is Arthur Mervyn Stockwood.

How tall is Kathryn Felder?

Kathryn Felder is 6'.

When did Vincent Stockwood die?

Vincent Stockwood died in 1958.

When was Vincent Stockwood born?

Vincent Stockwood was born in 1885.

When did John Stockwood die?

John Stockwood died in 1610.