Who is edge married to in real life?

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2011-05-15 17:54:02

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He is not married to anyone.

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2011-05-15 17:54:02
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Q: Who is edge married to in real life?
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Who is edge married too?

Edge in real life has been married twice and has been divorced twice. He was never married to Vickie that is just storyline

Who is vickie Guerrero new husband?

the rated R superstar... Edge Vickie is not married! Her and EDge were never married in real life!!

Is Vick and edge of WWE marriage still there?

They were never married in real life

Is vickie Guerrero married?

Yes she is married to Eric Escobar. No Vickie is not married to Eric or Edge those were just storylines in real life she is a widow

Why did edge and lita break up?

WWE used real life affair between Edge and Lita as a storyline for television. However they were never married on television or off. Only Edge and Lita know why they really broke up in real life.

Are edge and vikki gerrio really married?

No, but in the fake WWE storyline, they were. Now they're divorced and enemies in the storyline. In real life, Edge has been married and divorced twice, but never with Vickie.

Is lita still with edge?

No, Lita retired from wrestling in 2006 and hasn't had anything to do with wrestling or Edge. On TV, Edge is married to Vickie Guerrero. In real life I believe he is single, not sure.

Who is WWE edge married to?

edge is married to no one as far as we all know to this point of his life

How many times has vicki gerrero been married?

once in real life to Eddie gurrero and once for a storyline to edge.

Was Edge married or dating some one when he was dating Lita?

No because that was happening in real life and that's why Matt Hardy broke up with Lita cuz she was cheating on him in real life.

Why edge is not having a proper married life?

Because he isn't married.

Are Radhika and Dev married in real life?

Radhika and Dev married in real life?

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