Who is lita married to?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Lita is married to Edge (Adam Copelan) and Kane (Glenn Jacob).

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Q: Who is lita married to?
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Who was Matt Hardy married to?

Lita July 31, 2008 Matt has never been married. He and lita were not married

Is edge really married to vickie if not is he married to lita?

he was married to Vickie but he is divorced and he didn't marry lita ever

Did lita and Matt get married?

No they have never been married. Lita is currently dating CM Punk

Is Matt hardy married to lita?

No, Matt Hardy and Lita aren't married, they both have separate partners.

Is WWE lita married?


Who is Kane married to?


When did Lita and edge get married?

They Never Got Married.

Who is Kane Kramer married too?

he is married to lita

Is edge married to lita?

As of now, Edge and Lita are not affiliated to one another in WWE

Who is Allen married to?

Lita Li

Who is lita's boyfriend?

Lita is currently single and she has never been married to anyone.

Is lita married to two guys?

No she isn't married at all