Is WWE Beth phenox married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No nor is she dating Edge

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Q: Is WWE Beth phenox married
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How old is Beth phoenix of WWE is she married?


Is WWE diva Beth phoenix married?

She was never married. She has made this clear through Twitter (@TheBethPhoenix).

Who is Jeff hardy the WWE smackdown wrestler dating?

He isn't daing anyone he is married to Beth

Did WWE super star edge retire and is he married?

Yes he is retired due to neck injury he isn't married but currently dating Beth Phoenix

How many men has Beth Phoenix lifted in the WWE?

Beth phoenix has lifted 10 men in the wwe

Wwe jeff hardy married?

Wrestler Jeff hardy is married to Beth Britt. They were married on March 9, 2011. They have a daughter together who was born on October 19, 2010.

Is WWE diva Beth phoenix pregnant 2012?

No she is not, there was a death in the family so she is taking time off, nor is Beth and Joey married they broke up three years ago

Are WWE divas mickie James and Beth Phoenix sisters?

WWE divas Mickie James and Beth Phoenix are not related.

Is WWE super star edge married?

not yet, and he has never dated Beth Phoenix the girl he is engaged to has nothing to do with the wrestling business

When will Beth phoenix return to the WWE?

She is already with the WWE. She is the diva's champion