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Grand Wizard Theodore

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Q: Who is considered the first person to use the technique called scratching?
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What's a judo attacker called in Japanese?

The person executing the technique is called "tori", or taker. Uki is the person getting the technique performed upon them.

A person who uses voice to make beats rhythms and melodies as well as simulate record scratching and instruments is called a?


What is The technique in which a person is asked to report everything that comes to his or her mind called?

Free Association

Is scratching in prayer bad?

yes it is you noutghty person

A character witness or other person called on to testify who is not considered an expert is called a?

A lay witness is a character witness or other person who is called on to testify and is not considered an expert.

In this poem Tennyson refers to both Ulysses and Achilles. What is this technique called in literature?

This technique is called allusion in literature, where a writer makes a reference to a person, place, or thing from history, mythology, or another literary work.

Is a drummer a technique?

Drumming is a technique. A drummer is a person, employing technique. (At least we hope so.)

What a person who saves and hoards money called?

A person who saves and hoards money is considered a 'miser.'

If you scratch a dog behind the ear does that indicate to the dog that the dog is the alpha male?

Scratching a dog behind the ears indicates nothing about the dog; it only indicates something about the person who is scratching the dog. Perhaps the person is the alpha male.

What is a persons who saves and hoards money called?

A person who saves and hoards money is considered a 'miser.'

What does weirdos mean?

One person who is considered weird is a weirdo. A Group of people considered weird are called weirdos.

What is a person called that works with marble?

Since marble is considered a type of stone, a person working with - on - marble would most probably be called a 'Mason'.