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A person in their 90s is called a nonagenarian.

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Q: What are people in their 90s called?
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What is Joe 90s father called?

Professor Ian McClaine

What is the term for someone living in their 90s?

they are called senior citzens

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Was there a kids tv show in the early 90s called Eureka?

There was a show called Eureka's Castle.

What is someone in their 90s called?

'Nonagenarian' is the correct spelling (not 'Nonogenarian').

Who sang a 90s hit song called babycakes?

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What is a baby called when it is born in 2000?

Well if people born in 1990-1999 are 90s kids, the those born in 2000-2009 are 00s kids or unauthorized kids

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