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Hes married but i have heard some rumors about a divorce

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adrienne nesser, they've been married for several years. they have 2 children

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Q: Who is billie joe Armstrong dating?
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Is jenna smith dating billie joe Armstrong?

no. billie joe is married to adrianne nesser.

Is billie joe Armstrong related to Neil Armstrong?

No, Curtis Armstrong is not related to Billie Joe Armstrong.

Does billie joe Armstrong have a Facebook or bebo?

Yes but it is not under Billie Joe Armstrong

Who are Billie Joe Armstrong's children?

Billie Joe Armstrong has two children.Joseph Marciano ArmstrongJakob Danger Armstrong

What is bIllie joe Armstrong's sign?

Billie Joe Armstrong's zodiac, or astrological sign, is Aquarius.

What is billie joe Armstrong's real number?

You wont be able to get Billie Joe Armstrong's number.

What is Billie Joe Armstrong's birthday?

Billie Joe Armstrong was born on February 17, 1972.

Get Billie Joe Amstrong?

det billie joe Armstrong what???

Is billie Joe armstong's first name billie Joe?

According to Billie Joe Armstrong himself, in countless interviews, he was born Billie Joe Armstrong. His name is not William Joseph Armstrong. So, therefore, his first name would be Billie. :D

What is billie joe Armstrong's birth date?

Billie Joe Armstrong was born on February 17, 1972.

Is billie joe Armstrong single?

Billie Joe Armstrong is NOT single he has a beautiful wife named Adrienne Armstrong (Adrienne Nesser)

Is Billie Joe Armstrong Gerard Way's mentor?

Billie Joe Armstrong is not necessarily Gerard Way's mentor, but Billie Joe Armstrong has given Gerard Way plenty of advice before.